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Director / Visual Artist / Storyboard artist

Nattaporn Yiamchawee

  • Lead designer and storyboard artist in ‘
    The Legend of Muay Thai : 9 Satra”

  • Igloo Studio’s storytelling Team supervisor

  • Director of various projects in igloo studio
    e.g an animated advertisement for Males fruit juice
    Aomori no Kitsetsu’, the multimedia in
    ‘World Expo
    Dubai 2021’, and ‘Kanye West’s Kids
    See Ghosts Animated Show Preview’
    in collaboration with a Japanese agency.


Director / Comic artist / Illustrator

Piruck Moratop

  • Lead designer and storyboard artist in ‘The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satras’

  • Editor of ‘9 Satras’ comic book

  • Creator of ‘Kai dang’ : a day story comic’

  • Director and animator of various 2D animated music videos

  • Lead character designer of Igloo original stories, and an unannounced Netflix Original Anime,
    to be aired in 2023


Producer / Writer

Nuchanat Prathumsuwan

  • Animated and CG producer in Igloo Studio, including music videos, animations short advertisements, and mascot designs,
    e.g. ‘ data Network’ advertisement and
    ‘World Expo Dubai 2021’ multimedia

  • Co-writer in Igloo original series (in development)

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