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Journey of BO-IL

Journey of BO-IL
: The Greatest Savior Ever!

BO-IL Character design



In the era of brave men, martial artists and ninja,

the person who master all of the arts is called a “savior”.

And the most popular legend is the tale of “The Seven Great Saviors” who had beaten all of the dark masters and evil cults, and returned peace and happiness to the homeland. This legend inspired almost all of the young people in the next generation to become a savior, and most of them are narcissistic weirdos who are always too enthusiastic that it makes things get worse.


Until fate plays a joke on the two fellows, ‘Bo-Eil’ and ‘Is-sei’. Bo-Eil, an orphan girl who hates anything related to ‘The Seven Saviors’

turns out to be their successor herself. Bo-Eil has a surprising internal power which is opposite to Is-sei, a dreamy boy who wants to be

a Great Savior but has nothing at all.

Getting ready for the journey of them finding all of the lost seven secret arts, and beating the dark masters in this crazy eastern land.


BO-IL Comic example
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